Oakton Charley Windsor with Mum

 Mini donks become life-long friends. They are affectionate, intelligent, docile and extremely friendly. Our donkeys are all registered with the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association which means that they have to adhere closely to the breed standard. Our stallion has been examined by the vet and declared Fit to Breed. He is solid black, with no light points, and continues to throw exceptionally well conformed, gentle mannered foals that are all eligible for stud book entry.

In addition to the sale of foals, Oakton offers stud services, with in-hand matings. Livery is included in the covering fee. We welcome visitors to see our stallion and our mares with their foals. We breed for temperament, as well as confirmation, and our animals are all very friendly, trusting and well handled. Please look at our photo gallery to see this years foals. Look at the mini donk association for further information of these life time friends.